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Welcome Cruise Shippers to Garcia Adventure Tours Roatan

Your Family for the day!

When you reach your cruise ship terminal and exit the boat, please look for your tour guide who is waiting for you with a Garcia
Adventure Tours sign. The tour guide and driver are English speaking Islanders who are very knowledgeable about the Island and will take excellent care of you! Remember, they will provide all the transportation to and from the cruise ship docs and remain with you throughout the day as your safety and pleasure is important to us!

Directions to Garcia Adventure Tours

We suggest that you copy and print the directions to your Garcia Adventure Tours guide for both the Mahogany Bay Cruise Center and Town Center/Port of Roatan, cruise ship terminals. That way, if your ship docks at either terminal due to last minute changes, you will be prepared and we will be ready to pick you up!
Mahogany Bay Cruise Center
Roatan Mahogany Bay Cruise Center
  • Exit the ship and walk up the main path into the shopping area.
  • Continue past the fountains, through the shopping area, to the red top building on the right.
  • Enter that building and walk to the end past where the white taxi's park.
  • Make a left and walk up the hill.
  • You will see a green gate. Go through the gate and down the hill.
  • Your Garcia Adventure Tours Guide will be on the right with a Garcia Adventure Tours sign.
  • The Guide will take you to the Van.
  • Your Roatan Adventure is about to begin!  We are Your Family for the Day!

While you you are walking, there will be people swamping you offering tours. Pay them no attention. They will say they are from Garcia Adventure Tours and they are not. Again, just keep walking and follow the red line on the map above and the directions given above. Your English speaking Garcia Adventure Tours Guide is waiting for you and looking for you!

Town Center Port of Roatan
Roatan Town Center Cruise Ship Dock
  • Exit the Ship and walk in to the main shopping area.
  • Look for the large Diamonds International Shop on your right.
  • Do not turn there! Keep going straight ahead.
  • Your Tour Guide will meet you at gate 7 and take you to the Van.
  • Your Roatan Adventure is about to begin!  We are Your Family for the Day!

While you are walking to Gate 7 you will see some people turn right at the Diamonds shop and go to some booths. That is where some guides meet their guests. Do not turn right. Go straight through the port and exit at Gate 7.

A reminder: We are a Cash Only pay when you get here tour business. That means a refund worry free trip for you if your ship is delayed or port of call is cancelled due to unforeseen weather. We encourage you to make reservations ahead of time so we can plan for your specific needs or group needs. Cash and credit cards are accepted at most Roatan attractions around the Island. Since several adventures are under $10 we suggest you predominantly pay in cash throughout the day.
Email:                 Phone Roatan: (504) 9753-0841 or  9931-9606 
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